How to watch our workouts on your T.V.

If you have an iPhone and an Apple T.V. :  Cast your iPhone screen to your Apple T.V. via screen mirroring


If you have an iPhone and you do not have an Apple T.V., you can use an Apple lighting jack to HDMI converter adapter to plug the HDMI directly into an HDMI input on your T.V.  You can also use the chromecast app if you do not want to go the HDMI adapter route.  


​If you have an Amazon Firestick, click HERE.

If you have an Android and a smart T.V., purchase the iWeb T.V. app and download it to both your phone AND T.V., then open our website through the iWeb T.V. app on your device.  Open the iWeb T.V. app on your T.V., then cast the workout from the iWeb app on your Android to the iWeb app on your T.V.


​If you have an Android, you may also use a HDMI converter and plug it into the T.V.

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