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Check out what our sweat seekers say about us.  We're totally blushing.

Our recipe is simple :  take something that so many do, and do it in a way that no one else does by using the highest level of education, experience, and creativity.  (click HERE to meet your trainer.)

morgan p. 

These workouts are SO GOOD. They keep your body guessing, are always challenging, very clear to understand, and easy to do anywhere! There are 30 minute options for those in a time crunch and an added bonus of awesome music to help keep up the intensity! And, these workouts are suitable for all fitness levels and there are modifications for every exercise!!

suzanne a.

BEST online workout I’ve tried!...And I’ve tried my fair share. Lee Ann’s format and execution are like none other. The exercises are easy to follow and music is fabulous. Try it! You won’t regret it!

britney m.

I absolutely love these workouts. They are intense, and target the nooks and cranny muscles. I was sore in places I never knew existed. They definitely target all areas! They were easy to fit into my schedule. You can do them at home in a small space and easy to do while traveling.

back it up!

Need more evidence?  We get that.  Here's more data for you:  

"Lee Ann Jolly is the real deal folks! She’s a brainiac and is passionate about providing well designed, thorough, challenging (yet FUN) workouts to her fitness community. Fortunately, I’ve been able to attend and benefit from LAJ’s various awesome classes over the years but have wished for access to an equivalent workout at times when I haven’t been able to go to a scheduled class. I can confidently say her MWLA series meets the same high standards. The MWLA workouts showcase Lee Ann’s methodical approach to developing a well balanced and strong physique! No muscle group is left out...and how bout that cardiovascular conditioning!? While each individual workout TARGETS a body area, it does not neglect the others. When the workouts are performed as a series, it’s a fun, fresh, complete workout experience. Proof of the method to Lee Ann’s madness!  I LOVE these superior quality workouts." - Janece H.

"These workouts are INCREDIBLE! You WILL be challenged, you WILL be sore, but you WON’T be bored! There are 5 new, amazing workouts every week with killer music and the option of a 30 min version or an hour version of each session. MWLA has created an at home/vacation workout session that is SURE to please!" - Paige D.

"I love that I can squeeze these workouts in anytime with out having to go to a gym. I haven’t worked out in two years bc I couldn’t find the time with two jobs and three kids. This program made it possible and the workouts were amazing and intense!!" - Becca S.

"I used this while traveling and it was amazing. Got great workouts and was so surprised at how challenging they were. Heart rate was up and stayed that way. If you are a road warrior these workouts fit the bill. Lee Ann does an amazing job explaining how to do the moves."  -Alisa C.

"Great workouts for whatever equipment and amount of time you have! I especially loved how you could choose 30 min or 1 hour. The workouts all have the perfect mix of cardio and resistance to make you feel like you worked hard. Liked the flexibility to be able to do these workouts no matter where I am." - Jennifer W.

"Love, love, love MWLA! Great workouts that can be done anywhere and that can be any length of time that you need! I love how each workout is never the same and is always challenging. No matter what fitness level that you are - these workouts are the Also having the movements demonstrated online is so helpful to know that your form and technique is correct. I always have so much fun with Lee Ann’s workouts and never get bored- always a challenge! Try it and then try not to love it.. I dare ya." - Christine B.

"What could be better than having Lee Ann at home or on the road with you?!?! These workouts feel just like something you would do in class with her at the gym, but you can do it anywhere and on your own schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I love the atmosphere of a class ... but this is an incredible option for when you can’t make it or you have to be away from the gym due to travel or kids or any of the other 100 things that can get in the way! Do it!" - Emily R.

"These workouts are wonderful! You are going to get a good sweat even if you choose the 30 min version. You will find the perfect mix of cardio and resistance and can be completed anywhere." - Ashley P.

still on the fence?

While reviews help, we also know that sometimes we need to try things for ourselves!  Here's a killer workout for you to test drive.  It's on the house.   

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