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Move With Lee Ann

"BEST online workout I’ve tried!...And I’ve tried my fair share. Lee Ann’s format and execution are like none other. The exercises are easy to follow and music is fabulous. Try it! You won’t regret it!" - Suzanne B.

Move with Lee Ann (inside the JB Digital Studio) brings you 5 high intensity resistance training workouts every week, designed and scheduled for you by Lee Ann Jolly, Ph.D.  With a doctorate in physiology, over a decade of experience in program design and accreditation, and international recognition as one of the industry's best young fitness professionals, Lee Ann is raising the bar when it comes to online workouts (scroll down to meet the head geek behind this operation, who also happens to be your new trainer).


Each week, you'll receive upper body, lower body, and core workouts that include detailed exercise descriptions and options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced sweat seekers.  Lee Ann schedules your workouts for you, so all you have to do is show up and log in!  Besides providing an all encompassing training program for your time at the gym, MWLA workouts are also great for those who are:

Dissatisfied with online workouts/bored

Many online programs lack details, direction, and variety. MWLA workouts are meticulously crafted to keep you engaged and on your toes thanks to loads of education and creativity.  By golly, you're going to kick the butt kicking you expect.  

Stuck at home 

No problem.  All you need is about 6 square feet of space to do these workouts.  Lace up and let's roll.


Great. We're giving you travel specific workouts for you that can be done in your hotel room.

Crunched for time

If you're short on time, each workout comes with a 30 minute option so you can still get your butt kicking in and go about your day.  

Want a challenge.

We frequently receive feedback from even the most experienced of gym rats that say Lee Ann's workouts make them sore in places they didn't realize existed.  MWLA workouts level the playing field for everyone, regardless of where you're starting from.  There's no peak level of achievement with these workouts.  While you'll become more efficient and stronger in your movements, the workouts are designed to adapt to increases in strength so you never reach the top.  That's what keeps us always moving forward.

Meet your 


Lee Ann Jolly is on a mission to set the standard for training programs and customer service in the fitness industry.  With  15 years of experience in program design, international recognition as one of the industry's best young fitness professionals, and a Ph.D. in physiology, Lee Ann is raising the bar when it comes to working out online.   After developing, trademarking, and accrediting her signature group exercise programs through the industry's top governing bodies, Lee Ann's next steps were to offer a one of a kind, training program online through the Jolly Bodies Digital Studio.

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