let's get physical.

Our classes are thoughtfully designed from scratch,  incorporating elements of cardiovascular and muscular power, strength, endurance, and lots of Jolly love.  No artificial ingredients or preservatives allowed.   Our desire is to keep you challenged, empowered, and hungry for more.    All engines go. 



the classes


30 minutes, all in.  QUICKSHOTS is a high intensity resistance training (HIRT) workout (no pun intended) that takes participants through one big muscle lovin' journey, working big and smaller accessory muscles in a split program that includes unique upper body, lower body, core, and total body workouts each week.  Designed based on various strength training modalities, from old school strength training techniques to pilates and barre, QUICKSHOTS provides targeted resistance training in an efficient, 30-minute format.  Each QUICKSHOTS class has a coach to participant ratio of 1:10.  This allows our coaches to provide one on one feedback during your workout, make sure your technique is on point,  and to sneak in that last little bit of encouragement you need to push through your final rep.  Set to loud, energizing music, QUICKSHOTS combines the best of group exercise with personal training to provide one h of a little workout.   


It's time to get TURNT UP.  BEATBOX is a one hour, high-energy workout that fuses high intensity cardio kickboxing with, what else, resistance training. BEATBOX is our most intense cardiovascular based workout.  Unlike classical HIIT training, where work periods are short,  BEATBOX intervals are longer (5-6 minutes), upping the ante when it comes to improving endurance and lactate threshold (snort).  Exercises  are choreographed to fit perfectly to the beat of the music to keep you on pace (this is the "BEAT" of BEATBOX) which our ninjas especially love.   Add it all up and you’ve got the whole enchilada in one over the top, baller workout.  Mr. Miyagi doesn't have anything on you.  


Step right up, ladies and gents. This fan favorite, 75 minute endurance fest fuses dynamic movement with unique equipment to form one giant obstacle course designed to improve explosive strength and endurance.  Described by our class members as "adult phys ed. on steroids", this total body workout will test your mental toughness, give your body a boost of feel-goods, and leave you feeling bad to the bone.    We utilize equipment such as battle ropes, medicine balls, TRX straps, and rowers (this list gets pretty long) in creative ways in order to keep things....exciting.  That's one way to put it.  


Twice the workout, twice the fun.  DOUBLESHOTS is the grown-up version of QUICKSHOTS.  Time to put on your big girl/boy pants-in DOUBLESHOTS, we spend 30 minutes burning out the lower body, and 30 minutes working your upper half.  You may need a nap nap when it's over, but you're gonna leave class with muscles so swole  that even the bro-est of bros will envy you.


(heated class)

BANDED is the workout that you’ll love to hate.  This sculpting class defines your muscles using one tool that fits in your pocket – a resistance band.  BANDED blends smaller, low impact movements that generate an intense muscular burnout from multiple angles with dynamic movement to target larger muscle groups. Emphasis is placed on the back side of the body, with special attention given to the glutes in order to improve back stability and posture.  BANDED is held in a heated environment to help warm the muscles and give you the most fabulous glow  in all the land.  And when we say glow, we mean sweat.  Lots of sweat.


(heated class)

Turn it up.  Burn it down.


What do you get when you combine heat, strength, cardio drills, and music that'll make you feel like you could body slam a hippopotamus?  You get CONTROL. This heated, full body sculpting class shines the spotlight on muscular strength and endurance while challenging participants to control the breath, the movement, and the mind.  Each class blends eccentric, isometric, and compound strength exercises with cardio challenges that require focus and connection between your muscles and your brain.  Set to intense music that'll have you laser focused on the movement and your own badassery, you'll leave this class feeling empowered, red-faced, and wild-haired.  And we should also mention, dripping with sweat.







Check yo' self.

Our number 1 priority is that you stay safe during our classes.  ALWAYS consult with your primary care physician before beginning a new exercise program, especially if you are currently pregnant, have mobility concerns, or other underlying medical conditions that may impact your safety during our classes.  Take care of that business.  Leave the rest to us.  


Can I do this?  How much cardio will there be?  Am I going to die? (No.) Sometimes, it's hard to know where to start.   All of our classes implement varying degrees of each of the components listed below, however all classes are adaptable to all kinds of fitness levels.  The hardest part is always beginning, and it all starts with just one class.  You got this.  


I like to move it, move it. 

"The Jollies have changed my life! Their positive vibes and motivation make even a non-exercise person like myself want to become fit and come to the gym! They are amazing and take the time to get to know you and care about your health and goals." - Andrea


"What's that song that was playing during the warm-up?"

We take our jams seriously and spend hours crafting playlists that have just the right amount of pop, hip-hop, dubstep, and a little Jackson 5 every now and then.  Music is a tool that we use to help give you an extra edge as you burpee your way to victory.  It's also something that brings us together in classes.  We thought we'd share our playlists with you so that whether you're with us in live classes, doing online workouts with Lee Ann, or out doin' your own thing, you can still get your groove on and stay connected.  

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