Lee Ann jolly, Ph.D.

creative director + founder, jolly bodies

Lee Ann’s journey to Jolly Bodies began in 2005, when she took her very first group exercise class her freshman year of college.  Quickly realizing the positive impact of physical activity in her own life, Lee Ann became certified as an instructor and began designing new class formats that spread like wildfire across campus, not only because of their unique design, but because of the community Lee Ann was able to foster through her instruction style.  Lee Ann began to see great potential for the development of meaningful relationships through empowerment and encouragement in an environment that is notorious for being intimidating and sadly, unwelcoming.  She recognized that her training style was not only positively impacting the lives of her peers inside the gym, but outside of the gym as well, as her friends that had previously sworn off "workout people" started showing up to her classes...and kept coming back.


As she continued pursuing a career in academic science, obtaining her Ph.D. in physiology, Lee Ann began to see big opportunities to meld her formal education in physiology with her passion for people, fitness programming and coaching development.  After Lee Ann married Burke and realized his love for people and relationships bettered her own work, they combined their passions to form Jolly Bodies.  


Lee Ann coaches with the philosophy that a workout has the power to go beyond the surface of burning a few calories.  Lee Ann's coaching goal is to constantly empower the people around her while delivering reliable fitness and nutrition information.  “If the best thing you can say about our sessions together is “well, that was a good workout”, I haven’t done my job. Our time together should leave you feeling uplifted, hopeful, and better about life.  You deserve for that feeling to stay with you as you drive to work, as you interact with your colleagues, and to carry over into time spent with your family and friends. You deserve the peace that comes with the increased focused on making memories and less on your measurements.  You deserve to make physical progress without compromising your sanity.  The most important priority for Burke and I is that you know without a doubt that you are loved, capable, and understood.  And that you can do this.


Burke Jolly, M.A.

C.E.o., Jolly BODIES

For most of Burke’s adult life, he has been a student of developing and understanding what a well-balanced life looks like. During that journey, one the most important things he has learned is that people are always more important than any task and that everyone is living a story- a story that is unique, important, and needs to be heard.


With a B.A. in Communication and a M.A. in Family and Youth Ministry, Burke has worked with students and adults alike, helping them to acknowledge the value of their personal story so that they can love and be proud of it.  


With Jolly Bodies, Burke desires to take his passion for health and fitness and couple that with the desire to help everyone discover their own story and take ownership of it.  Burke's goal is to help you define who you are (whether that be through fitness, nutrition, friendships, faith, work, or family) while helping to identify the "white noise" in your life that can so easily distract you from the things that are truly important.  


At Jolly Bodies, it is Burke’s hope that each person will always feel encouraged, , understood, equipped, and loved. 


Chances are if Burke’s not with Lee Ann doing life, you will find him on his bike or with his friends and community trying to write and live his story.