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Welcome to an online workout community that you can curl up next to.  Jolly Bodies offers 6 expertly curated class types for busy, stressed out humans looking for variety, results, and a no - judgement approach to getting fit.   You'll see us groan during squats and breakdance during water breaks as we edutain (educate + entertain) you through each sweat session with us.  No matter your fitness level, mood, or schedule, you'll look forward to your daily workouts with us.  Stream Jolly Bodies on any device, or put us on the big screen via Roku, Apple, Chromecast, or Fire TV!


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Custom schedule every week, rotating through our 6 online formats

Classes are stacked intentionally each week to balance cardio, strength, and mobility work

Nightly accountability e-mails to prep you for the next day's workout

Unlimited access to hundreds of classes spanning our 6 formats

Elective JB "mini" workouts - body specific add ons for legs, core, or arms.

Travel specific workouts (minimal equipment)