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what our members say

"...an unparalleled fitness experience. I find it so difficult to remain motivated as a working mom and since starting with Jolly Bodies, I truly look forward to working out each day."

" I live in NYC and am no stranger to excellent trainers - but the Jollys stand apart.  They are a pleasure to be around and motivating as hell."

..."their workouts are created using Ph.D. level science (yeah, Lee Ann is basically Scientist Fitness Barbie) and Funky Town level fun, and their positive energy is one in a million." 

"You can't walk away from a Jolly Bodies workout without feeling infinitely better about yourself."

"The quality, frequency, and variety of workouts is truly unmatched.  This is the first time I've done digital classes like this and felt like I was in a group class all along."

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Welcome to a workout community that you can curl up next to.  Jolly Bodies offers 6 expertly curated class types for busy, stressed out humans looking for variety, results, and a no - judgement approach to getting fit.   You'll see us groan during squats and breakdance during water breaks as we edutain (educate + entertain) you through each sweat session with us.  No matter your fitness level, mood, or schedule, you'll look forward to your daily workouts with us.  Stream Jolly Bodies on any device, or put us on the big screen via Roku, Apple, Chromecast, or Fire TV!

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Embrace the pivot.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, we began the Jolly Bodies digital studio by converting our garage into a full-fledged production studio.  With zero knowledge of how to record and produce online workouts, we quickly got our butts in gear and pulled frequent all-nighters to learn as much as we could about creating an online community through our fitness programming.  Change can seem scary sometimes, but just like starting a new workout program can seem scary, there's usually a rainbow on the other side of it.

Through the Jolly Bodies Digital Studio, we've been able to make friends from all over the U.S. - and beyond!  Check out our JB member map - you may find a Jollower near you!

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Workout questions

How much space do I need to do the workouts?

You'll need about 6 square feet of space in order to do the workouts. Lee Ann uses a 5 x 7 rug to mark her boundaries and that works great! A garage, basement, living room, or deck are also great options. If you're at the gym you should have plenty of space...but if you can hear the person closest to you breathing, you need more room.

How long are the workouts?

Each JB class video is between 30 - 50 minutes. We also have a library of JB minis, which are 10-15 min. target (arms, legs, core, cardio) specific add - on sessions

I noticed there are 5 workouts for every week.  Do I do the workouts 5 days in a row?  What do I do on the other 2 days of the week?

The workout schedules are designed so that the 5 weekly workouts can be done 5 days in a row if you choose because we focus on different muscles each day. However, you may have a schedule that doesn't allow this. Your schedule may be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday versus Monday-Friday straight through. And that's okay! If you DO decide to work out 5 days in a row, you may use the 2 extra days to recover, repeat your favorite workout from the week, or do your own thing!

Do I HAVE to do all 5 scheduled workouts every week to see a difference in my body?

Our programs are designed so that those that participate consistently, in conjunction with a balanced diet, will see results. However, that does NOT mean that if you miss a workout you'll lose your progress. Long term consistency beats inconsistent perfection every time, so sticking to 3 workouts per week for 3 months will do your body more favors than 5 workouts per week for 2 weeks followed by 1 workout per week for another 2 weeks.

How do I know if I am doing the exercises correctly?

For JB videos, we'll guide you all the way on form, technique, and where you should be "feeling" the exercises. Distress: If you feel sharp, acute pain, STOP. Knees, hips, back, shoulders are the areas you want to be mindful of here. Discomfort: If it burns or is shaking, you're doing it right. Keep going.

Am I going to get sweaty?

Absolutely you are. Be proud of your puddles. We call them Jolly Drops.

Am I going to be sore?

It is highly likely that you will experience soreness when beginning any new exercise routine. If you experience soreness that persists past 72 hours post workout, you may need to back off a little bit or decrease your resistance slightly. If you are not sore the day after the workout, that does NOT mean that you didn't do well! As long as you are feeling the work in your muscles DURING the workout, you're on the right track. If you're not feeling the work in your muscles during the workout, increase your resistance, increase the range of motion (go deeper into your squats), and/or change the tempo (add a pulse at the bottom of a squat).

Is it okay if I don't do the workouts in the order they are listed every week?

Our programs schedules are designed for the workouts to be done in consecutive order so that you don't wind up working your lower body 2 days in a row. If a lower body workout is listed first, please do that workout before moving on to your second workout of the week. This is to keep you as balanced and safe as possible during the program.

How do I know if I'm overdoing it during my workouts?

Sometimes it's hard to know how hard to push yourself safely. These workouts are designed to elevate your heartrate, sometimes to a great extent, and therefore be uncomfortable. However, there's a BIG difference between discomfort and distress - and we don't want you to be in distress! Discomfort: -Elevating your heartrate to the point where you are unable to hold a conversation -An exercise burns so much you want to say a bad word. -Lots of sweating Distress: -Nausea -Dizziness -Soreness that persists longer than 3 days IF you experience any signs of distress during your workout, STOP. Take a few days off and/or slowly orient yourself with the workouts by choosing the 30 minute options to begin with.

Where can I learn about the formats?

We have 6 formats in the digital studio. There are detailed descriptions of each format under the tab on the menu that says "our method"

Equipment questions

What equipment do I need to do the workouts?

The workouts within the JB digital studio are dynamic and always different while minimizing the amount of equipment you'll need at home. Here's what you'll need to do the workouts: - A few sets of dumbbells (I personally recommend a set of 5, 10, 15, and 20 lb dumbells for both men and women if possible). If you have kettlebells or weight plates, these can be used as a substitiute for dumbbells for many of the exercises. You are also welcome to use small children. (: - A set of long resistance bands - A set of mini bands (these are elastic and will NOT slip or roll) - Anything that resembles a step or platform. This can be a chair, a platform such as a box or step, or even things you can find outside at your home like a park bench! Get creative. You don't have to spend lots of money on a fancy bench. - Ankle weights (2 pounds each)

Can I play these workouts on my T.V.?

Yes! We give specific directions inside the JB studio on how to cast your workout videos to your T.V. using a number of device combinations.

Health questions

I'm a beginner.  Can I do these workouts?

Sometimes the hardest part is just beginning - and we get that! First step, ASK YOUR DOCTOR! There may be certain exercises that he/she says are "off limits" depending on certain medications, conditions, and/or injuries. After you've got the green light from your doctor, you're ready. If it's been a long time since you've hit the gym, don't worry. Every workout has explicit instructions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced sweat seekers. How do you know what category you fall into? To be safe, I recommend EVERYONE begin with the beginners option, no matter what you're used to. Yes, that means you, too, gymrat. You'll be able to discern very quickly as to whether or not you're able to move to a more advanced level based on how you feel after choosing this option. You can even switch levels within the same workout! The only difference between levels is the number of reps, sets, rounds, and options for each exercise (doing squats instead of lunges, for example, if that feels better on your knees). The options for beginners, intermediate, and advanced are listed in every workout. The goal is to push yourself to failure. If that occurs at an intermediate level, then that's where you're at for that workout! If you experience soreness that persists past 72 hours, stick with the 30 minute options or take more rest between the workouts until you feel like you are building up more strength and endurance. Everybody is different. What's most important is that you move safely and feel better! You can't rush this, so be patient and start slowly to see how your body is responding.

I'm pregnant.  Can I do these workouts?

Always, always, ALWAYS discuss your exercise routine with your OB-GYN during your regular check-up. Depending on how far along you are, abdominal work and high impact exercises, as well as exercises that increase heart rate to a certain level, may be prohibited.

I'm recovering from an injury or have chronic issues with a particular area of my body.  Is it okay for me to do these workouts?

Always, always, ALWAYS disclose your exercise routine to your physician. Not only can he/she direct you to exercises that may HELP to heal your existing issue, but more importantly you'll find out if there are any "off limits" exercises that could prevent you from getting better. If you know what exercises to avoid already, always check the options in the workout notes for each exercise so that you can modify the exercise to fit you! There's always more than one way to perform an exercise, so it's OKAY to change it a little in order to fit your body so that you can still accomplish your goal safely.

Payment questions

Does payment automatically recur?

Payments will automatically recur every month on the day that you originally purchased the plan until you decide to cancel. We understand that there are some weeks, even months, where life is just crazy. It doesn't make sense for you to pay a 30-day fee for a service that you can only use for 1 week of a particular month. Therefore, we do not have cancellation fees. You may cancel your subscription at ANY TIME. One payment will grant access to the workouts for a period of 30 days beginning the day your payment is processed, during which time you will receive 20 workouts (5 workouts per week). If you decide to take a break after the 30 days, you can start again at any time with by re-subscribing to the recurring payment plan.

Is there a cancellation policy?

No! No cancellation fees. You may stop the program at anytime. However, once your payment for each 30 day period is processed, we do not offer refunds, regardless of whether or not you use the workouts that you will have access to during that period.

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