DON'T WOrry, be jolly.


meet the jollys.

lee ann jolly, ph.d.

“If the best thing you can say about our session together is “well, that was a good workout”, I haven’t done my job."  


As she continued pursuing a career in academic science, obtaining her Ph.D. in physiology, Lee Ann began to see big opportunities to meld her formal education in physiology with her passion for people, fitness programming and coaching development.  After Lee Ann married Burke and realized his love for people and relationships bettered her own work, they combined their passions to form Jolly Bodies. To learn more about Lee Ann and view her list of credentials, click "more" to continue! 

Burke jolly, M.A.

"People are always most important."


  For most of Burke’s adult life, he has been a student of developing and understanding what a well-balanced life looks like. During that journey, one the most important things he has learned is that people are always more important than any task and that everyone is living a story- a story that is unique, important, and needs to be heard. To learn more about Burke and view his list of credentials, click "more" to continue! 


the values

what you should expect of us.

1. Your experience.  We deliver an experience, not just a workout.  Our classes go beyond the surface of calorie burn, encouraging women and men to do classes that make them feel good versus classes they feel pressured to do based on societal standards and expectations.


2. Connection.  Our bond with you matters more than how fast you can run a mile.


 3. Honesty.  We are who we say we are.  We do what we say we do.  Actions should always speak louder than words. 


4. Innovation.  We meet you where you are, no matter your starting point.  Then, as you get stronger, we won’t let you get stagnant.  You will continue to reach new heights as our classes continually evolve using new equipment, great music, and new formats. 

5. Service:  We help you identify YOUR goals.  We create personal experiences through group fitness classes that are meticulously crafted with care to keep you challenged, engaged, and hungry for more. We serve YOUR needs, not our own.  You first, us last.   


6. Education:  Dr. Lee Ann holds advanced degrees in physiology and believes that knowledge is wattage.  Jolly Bodies does not follow trends based on shoddy research and popular marketing tactics.  We are dedicated to staying up to date on current research and evidenced based practices regarding health and fitness methodologies.  We are committed to using that knowledge as a framework for all of our classes and sharing that with you in a way that is accessible, useful, and can be easily integrated into your daily life.   

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