fitness reimagined.

Jolly bodies was developed with one goal in mind :  to engineer one-of-a-kind fitness concepts laced with imagination, education, and warm fuzzies to bring out the inner jolly in all of us.  


Your body is a complex organism.  Our classes are thoughtfully designed by our co - founder, Lee Ann Jolly, Ph.D.  With a doctorate in physiology, Lee Ann leads the design and development of our training programs, which build upon elements of muscular strength, cardiovascular efficiency, and flexibility.   


In addition, we are acutely aware of the psuedoscience and negativity surrounding fitness.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  We promise to use our expertise in order to keep things B.S. free, 24/7.


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Hello, endorphins.  Goodbye, worries.  We take something that so many do and execute it in a way that no one else does.  Our fitness concepts are designed around 4 main pillars -  creativity, education, efficiency, and imagination.  Of course you're going to get the butt kicking you deserve, but you're also going to dive into an immersive environment that gets you out of your head and into your workout.   You can count on leaving our classes wild-haired and empowered. 

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Connection with you is most important, and fitness is how we break the ice with you.  Click the icons below to stay up to date on the latest JB announcements, access free tutorials, listen to our jams, and enjoy watching us make fun of ourselves on the regular.  

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"I am from Charlotte, NC and got invited to attend a class. Kicked my butt, it was AWESOME. Energy is off the chart. Best group class I have ever attended. Looking for to my next trip to Little Rock. Lee Ann, I am coming back again and again"


—  Jon C.

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