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what our guests say

"You can't walk away from a Jolly Bodies workout without feeling infinitely better about yourself."

" I live in NYC and am no stranger to excellent trainers - but the Jollys stand apart.  They are a pleasure to be around and motivating as hell."

..."their workouts are created using Ph.D. level science (yeah, Lee Ann is basically Scientist Fitness Barbie) and Funky Town level fun, and their positive energy is one in a million." 

" unparalleled fitness experience. I find it so difficult to remain motivated as a working mom and since starting with Jolly Bodies, I truly look forward to working out each day."

"The quality, frequency, and variety of workouts is truly unmatched.  This is the first time I've done digital classes like this and felt like I was in a group class all along."

6 science backed formats. 

Jolly Bodies workouts are designed to give you the right amount of low and high intensity cardio, strength training, and restorative conditioning every single week.

We teach you how to move, have fun, and take the shame out of the fitness game.

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